মা দিবস

Can’t forget her if moder’s day doesn’t exist!

Today was Mother’s Day. Because of being Mother’s Day, everyone is getting more news of the mother. Trying to love mother. But look at the mothers. They think of their child all day in the year. What is the key to doing, how much is staying, and how much more is eaten. Mother’s life ends and child life begins. When mothers want to see their children, but see what?

Mother’s Day was so great, but her mother had to stay with her for all time. That’s not even possible. Taking work, how many people have to move to earn income. How many places do the mothers have to go Everything is actually commercial. Everyone is looking for money. Where is the emotional position?

Even after listening to Mother’s Day a passion came. In this world, commerce is just a trade. The days are always commercial. Commercial companies have come to people with different activities for different merchandise and other activities. Though there is something commercial, yet it is written about mother, something. Some people think about mother Mother took some new steps thinking about the pain.

In this way, Mother’s Day or any day do something for us, clutter with passion, wake up and get ready to look back.