poor people

EID Feelings!

The Eid Holiday really increased my laziness in strength several times. The bed becomes permanent accommodation. This year’s Eid holiday is no exception. But I am working to change the habit. In the continuation of it, we came out today in the Rajlaxmi area of ​​Uttara.

Many people There is no such place as a walk, everyone is shopping. I went to the showroom to buy a pair of shoes. The price of this shoe is slightly more than the previous times. Now the price of the same shoes is 800 taka more. So think of cutting Eid after the old shoes. What is the need to buy shoes with so much money? I’m a little lacking. Due to lack of temperament Eid shopping wasted in it!

On the way back, a waiting crowd of more than 100 poor women in the front door of the Friends Club ground. I do not understand why they have come here, maybe they have come to take some of the zakat. Now the wealthy people of our country, how much more money has been bought by the langi fatua more than the penny of the poor. And the poor also crowded in the hope of getting it. Many people become Dalit and die. These news prints on paper every year. When I read newspaper, I could see it. Do not read the paper anymore. What is the benefit of the news? That is, the poor people gather in the crowd, die, and get back again, again die … knowing how to benefit. Newspapers may not sell too. Interestingly, these poor people know how the rich will distribute some of the zakat?

In the absence of the poor, the nature has long been lost. So they do not want to lose even a two-dimensional shirt at the end of losing. That’s why it may come. Fishes catch fish, how many fish die in food trap. But in that case, the fish swallowed the fish again. It’s been running for a long time.

But the rich have the same nature? They have lost their temperament because they have more resources? Zakat is not to be donated to anyone. Someone’s rights are returned to him. And it is that the poor have rights, the rich wealth They will come to die and take it right? What is the nature of those who organized such distribution?

(Translated by google translator, not yet reviewed!)